[Bards] Poetry Exercise # 9

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Sun Dec 7 20:29:24 PST 2003

This mind intentionally left blank.

Sorry folks.  My intended direction was not matching my actual
direction.  What started out as "Intro to Poetry: The Sunday Crosswords
Version" started becoming "Intro to Poetry: Freshman College Version".

I would love to go back to the Sunday Crosswords version, and will do so
eventually.  If someone else has an itch to start it up themselves,
please feel free.  In other words: don't wait for me.  It might be a few

In the meantime, I will send out the last exercise in the series in a
few minutes.  Thanks to all for the participation.

Master Ulf Gunnarsson
former Premier Bard of Ansteorra
and still pretty tickled about that.

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