[Bards] Blood and Steel

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Thu Jan 30 07:14:23 PST 2003

        No concerns about publishing rights or copyright, or any of that.
If you like it, if it touches something, send it wherever you think it's
needed, and perform it for whomever you wish.

      In Joyful Service,

              Iain MacCrimmon

                        Cave Tyranniam Timorium Suorum

        Blood and Steel

        The sentry standing at my back
        His eyes, his loyalty I trust
        He'll see things I will never know
        He'll always do just as he must

        The comradeship that we have shared
        The joys, the sorrow and the pain
        Things my own wife won't understand
        He's dragged me back, he's kept me sane

        If you don't know I can't explain
        I love my Lady, sure I do
        But there's no kinship quite the same
        As one who'll take a blow for you

        I should have said this long ago
        Sometimes you can't say what you feel
        I'm touched, and honored to have known
        The brotherhood of Blood and Steel

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