[Bards] Re: Bard's List

Marie Adams marie.adams at visionoflove.net
Fri Jul 18 10:05:06 PDT 2003

On 6/17/03, Duchess Willow wrote:
"How many different areas to we have represented [on the Bardic list]?"

I am from Northkeep, and sadly, I don't believe I've seen many others
from here, besides Robert, post anything to this list recently, although we do
have several wonderful bards around here. And I haven't heard anyone speak up
for Mooneschadowe, but I know I've seen a posting from at least one person
from there (that would be Lady Lilas.)
If many of you Northkeepers read this list from time to time, I'd love to
see the Bardic Guild become a regular thing around here. I'm sure it was
once, but that was before my time in the SCA. I'd love to host it once in
a while; we have a fairly big house, although it is kind of out in the
country. My husband and I really enjoy having people over; just be forewarned
that we have a cat, and a baby who's just discovered her voice, so will
probably want to join in with the singing. ;-) She loves people too, though,
and would welcome someone new to hold her!
I think I'm done---please don't all sigh with relief at once. ;-) (I'm a
chronic rambler)
	Serena Dominicci

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