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> Hello Friends,
>    I am in need of the same answers.  One of our
> Cantons is having it's first titled Bardic competion
> next month and has asked me to help.  I'm clueless. :)
>   I would like to ask you what your most favorite
> competition format is.  This will be Glasyn's first
> titled competition and I would like it to be fun,
> entertaining, and something to build apon.
>    Clare

       The simplest is to have everyone do one or two pieces then have the 
judges pick a winner.   This can be tough on the judges, especially if you have 
several performers who are very good and all well deserving of winning.  
       I came up with a format a few years ago that some bards like.   Give 
all the Bards in the competition several tokens at a meeting in the morning.  
During the day the bards issue challenges to one another and wager tokens on 
the outcome.  The challenge can be anything of a bardic nature and the bards 
decide amoung themselves who will judge the outcome.  At the end of the day have 
another meeting and count the tokens.  Have a final judged round from the 
three bards with the most tokens.  This lets the bards get in as many performances 
as they like and allows the populace to participate in the bardic.  If you 
use this format you need to limit the wagers to 1 token per challenge, and no 
more than 3 bards in any one challenge.  This is necessary to prevent the bards 
who are way behind from wagering everything on one challenge just before the 
count and going from last place to first.    
       Kingdom Eisteddfhodd has used a double elimination tournament format 
in the past but this has been modified in the last few years because it can 
take a very long time if you have lost of people entered.  Bards are paired off 
and perform, one advances and one recieves a loss.  Two losses and you are out. 
 This can lead to a competition that takes all day.  I've never understood 
why that's considered a bad thing.   
       I've never seen it done but I would like to try a competition where 
the bards choose the winner.  One way to do this would be for everyone to 
perform than have a secret ballot amoung the bards and if one person come out 
clearly ahead then they win, and if it's close than have the top 2 or 3 do another 

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