[Bards] Number of pieces

Meggan Cividanes harperaria at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 8 12:41:45 PDT 2003

It was long, but it was fun to judge! And actually, there were 19. :) 
I have to agree with Serena, I like at least two pieces, though my
favorite is three, for performance, and judging. That way you have more
than once chance to make an impression, and show what you're capable
of, and the judge has more than one piece to go on!

I like to see at least two different forms from a bard. Three is great,
but it is my experience that most bards do not excel at all three.
Though it's nice to see people try and branch out on occasion.
Personally, I don't tell stories often. Though I feel more comfortable
doing so in a competition where I'm doing at least three pieces, or
where three forms are required, because I know that almost everyone
will be out of their element on at least one piece, and I feel less
self-concious about going out there and doing something that I find


--- Marie Adams <marie.adams at visionoflove.net> wrote:
> I like to perform at least 2 pieces at competitions, because if you
> just
> do 1 and it doesn't turn out well, you can't redeem yourself! I
> prefer 3,
> but if you have a lot of performers, it can make the competition
> l-o-n-g!
> (we had 17 at Sanhain last year, and the competition was 4 hours!) I
> prefer to hear and perform pieces in different forms, and I like to
> hear 2
> or 3 pieces from others.
> Vivat Bardic Hams!--Serena

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