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Tiggy here --
I like two pieces, in both cases.
I've been in 3-piece competitions, and I just don't like them.  They are just too gruelling.
Unless u are doing a Kingdom level competition (that, in my opinion, needs to be a bit more demanding), you don't need more than two.
Though, I do enjoy a multiple-round competition that uses elimination, like the Kingdom level.
I tried that at a Baronial level, with limited success.  Although, the bards that participated seemed to enjoy it.  I got some good feedback from them about it.


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What is your preferred # of pieces at a Bardic competition

1) to be heard by performer

2) to perform

Mine is 3 for both with at least 2 of different styles (i.e. one prose one poem)

Yours in Service

Gottfried Krimmelbein
Stonebridge Keep

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