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Tue Jul 22 14:03:08 PDT 2003

 Umm... I feel the same way.  The bards make the dream
happen for me too.  I will never forget my first
Steppes Fall Court.  It was Dreamy.  It has inspired
me to start a guild.  To hoprfully inspire others to
make the Dream happen.

  Truthfully, I have never considered myself a bard. 
But I hope that I provide a place where bards can
discover themselves and grow.  The Bardic Arts and
Court is my contribution to the dream.  Everybody has
to have something.  I love court!  I totally dig it!

  Anyway, I am really jazzed that the List has been so
active these past months.  I wanted to share that with
you.  The Bardic Arts is sooo important to our
kingdom.  I see that now.  

 I am just glad to consider myself among your numbers.


(who has just stepped down from the incredible
entourage ride)

--- antigonus bearbait <antigonus at lycos.com> wrote:
> Hmmmm ---
> Why am I a bard?
> Because I love it.
> I've always felt a love for expression -- my own and
> that of others.
> I can't think of any better reason.
> Bards bring the Dream alive for me.  They are not
> the only ones, but the Dream first touched me with a
> bard -- and I will never forget it.
> I think it may be as simple as that.
> Tiggy
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> DATE: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 05:55:13 
> From: Bella <sorrowsong at sbcglobal.net>
> To: Ansteorran Bardic list <bards at ansteorra.org>
> Cc: 
> Like Celeste, I generally sing. I have performed
> poetry on occassion, but not often. Storytelling is
> my greatest weakness as far as performance. Strange
> indeed as I used to be a theater major who couldn't
> sing in front of an audience without her voice
> cracking. My very first time singing alone in front
> of people was in fact at my first event, Eldern
> Hils' Samhain, in a bardic competition.
> Bella
> Tausha Walker <celesteeh at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I mostly sing. I do some poetry too. I am trying to
> improve my poetry and stroytelling.
>                                           Celeste
> willow Taylor <willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote:
> Dear fellow Bards
> I am a new question. What do you perform in the SCA?
> I have been a story teller for most of my life. When
> I was ten I set up
> a story telling booth next to my girl friend's
> lemonade booth and made as
> much money as she did. When I started in the SCA I
> wasn't a performer. I
> was an organizer and an autocrat. I didn't really
> start to build my
> persona until I was in Ansteorra. When I started to
> work on my historical
> persona I realized that entertainment is part of the
> role of a person in
> the middle ages. Everybody did something. The gentle
> born were suppose
> to do more. People entertained themselves and it
> would of gotten really
> boring if everybody didn't perform . Who was that
> Saxon cleric who prayed
> to God to help him out because when the horn was
> passed to him he could
> not think of anything? As I advanced in the SCA I
> beca! ! me a patron of the
> bardic arts. In history you will find many nobles
> who did things like
> that, Robert of Normandy and Richard the
> Lionhearted. They usually
> participated in the art form. So my performance are
> part of my living my
> persona. 
> Willow de Wisp
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