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Tue Jul 22 18:38:19 PDT 2003

Hello everyone -- it's Tiggy.

Hey Robert -- you are a bard, and I love you for it.

Here there be snippage from your email:

<<The simplest is to have everyone do one or two pieces then have the judges pick a winner.   This can be tough on the judges, especially if you have several performers who are very good and all well deserving of winning.>>

I really like this format.  It is simple and direct, and is rapidly becomming my favorite.
<<I came up with a format a few years ago that some bards like.   Give all the Bards in the competition several tokens at a meeting in the morning.  During the day the bards issue challenges to one another and wager tokens on the outcome.>> 

This is an interesting idea.  Truth be told, I'd enjoy competing in this kind of format.  However, I have heard bad things from other bards about it -- that it blocks the bards from doing anything else, and that it is a great deal of trouble to make the challenge, find the judge, etc.

<<Kingdom Eisteddfhodd has used a double elimination tournament format in the past but this has been modified in the last few years because it can take a very long time if you have lost of people entered.>>

The bardic tournament is a great deal of fun.  It also requires a great deal of preparation.  It can also be exhausting, but I believe that a title bard should have a certain degree of stamina.  This particular style can be the true measure of a bard, especially as the competition advances.

<<This can lead to a competition that takes all day.  I've never understood why that's considered a bad thing.>>

Absolutely -- I've never considered it a bad thing, myself.  The only problem, is that other people don't always care for it.  The performing arts are kind of the "red-headed step-child" of the A&S community. :)
<<I've never seen it done but I would like to try a competition where the bards choose the winner.>>

A competition where the COMPETITORS vote for the winner.  I've heard of the populace having tokens, and that usually includes the competitors.  But, a performance is given to an entire AUDIENCE -- and who else is better to choose the winner? :)

I've always wanted to hold a "sponsored" bardic competition -- where an established bard works with a "new" bard to learn or write a new piece.  In the competition, the "sponsoring" bard would introduce the "new" bard, and there would be a prize offered not only to the winner among the new bards, but their sponsor as well.

Just a few thoughts, if they are worth anything. 

Thanx for listening --


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