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Jane Sitton lymadelina at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 12:23:03 PDT 2003


Both my children are interested in the bardic arts.  I
would even go so far as to say they are budding bards,
since both have won bardic competitions at Lughnasad.
They both have copies of the Ansteorran Children's
Bard Book.  I would love to be able to convince
someone to make a tape (or CD) of the tunes, though,
since I don't know many of the tunes.

Does anyone know of any other good sources for
material for children?  I would specifically like some
examples to demonstrate brevity and humor to my
children, since they tend to ramble a bit when
performing original stories.

How do you think fairy tales hold up when performed by
children?  I don't know how far back they can be
documented, but I suspect some are known from time out
of mind.

Just thinking a lot more about my children's bardic
needs today, since my daughter was given largess last
night at Tarkus' bardic by both Lady Gwenllian and
Duchess Willow, which made me very proud -- but I also
had the thought that I also need to encourage and
direct my children more than I currently do.

I appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Ly Madelina de Lindesaya, bard-in-training

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