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Greetings All,


A few days ago Duke Jonathon asked the bards of Ansteorra to write and
perform praise pieces recording the deeds of the heroes of Ansteorra. While
this piece isn't new, I thought that I would go ahead and post it here out
of respect of His Grace's request. This poem was inspired by Aaron and
Britta, and their deeds as Crown during Gulf War XI.




The Lay of Aaron and Britta:


Loud it came, a clap of thunder,

Mjolnir warned of coming battle 

To the East, Trimaris gathered,

Taking war into the southlands.

Now Meriedies needed shield friends

Fierce bred warriors never yielding

Counting on our high born king,

She called on her western neighbor


Aaron, proud prince, ring giver,

Called his proven war band.

Bright Britta, battle queen,

Banner furled for her travel -

Together they rode the sea steed

To strive against Trimaris. 

Heroes heeded the call,

Left their horns at the mead bench

To grip sturdy steel and take

The swan road to the battle.

Curling ships cut a path

To cross the foaming sea

To Meridies, there to test

Their skill against Trimaris,

That fierce foe kinged by Odo - 

Ring holder of the sea's flood.


In steep ravine stood the foe - 

Held the center against our line.

There they stood that bright blue army

Holding fast our king's banner.

Into the center strode King Aaron

Seeking glory in the fighting

Where the battle burns the brightest

Hungry axes bite most deeply.

There stood Aaron, hearty head man

Standing hard against the foe!

Slashing spears sought our king there,

Struck him hard behind his shield.

Firmly held his mighty mail coat,

Made from finest smithy's crafting.

On our king kept the fighting

Bringing glory to His kingdom!

Then against our far right flank

Came the fighters of the Eastrealm.

On they came, their bright swords beating - 

Back our shield wall fell to their rush

Then did Britta bring the rearguard

Boldly there to meet the Easttide.

There the high queen set to hacking -

Hewing foemen with her wound blade, 

Turning back the East-guard tide

To a man they died there fighting.

Long will live Queen Britta's deeds,

Lasting is the fame of heroes!


In the center sang the swords

Ringing death songs of the fighters

'Round our banner boiled the fighting

Battling for our king's good standard

Behind strong shields stood the foemen

Boldly holding our king's standard.

Then Kein, wise war duke, bold commander,

Called the charge to take the banner

Boldly came the Black Star's war tide

Beating down those silver shieldmen.

Thirsty spear points sought their targets

Spilling blood that flowed like rivers

Fenris fed on blood of heroes

Cut down were foemen, mown like wheat. 

So on we came like storm's fierce tide

And took our standard flying there

Low we laid our stalwart foe

Leaving only feasts for ravens. 


Though beaten badly in ravine

Trimaris was not broken yet.

At day's next dawn we found our foe

Seeking battle on the bright field.

 Fvb nBefore battle, out strode Aaron

Boldly holding his mailed gauntlet, 

Hurled it down with great defiance,

Daring Odo to his worst.

That blue army boiled with anger -

Loud they beat upon their war shields!

Then fierce Fenris raised his grim head,

His red fangs drip with blood. 


Then they came, that maddened army,

Thrusting at us with their spear points.

Hard they fought those fierce eyed foemen

Fighting to avenge theirs brothers.

Out we came, our strong south army

Quick to meet the east sea's tide

Cunning Caladin called the step-march

Then step by step we killed our foe. 

Sharpened swords were set to biting

Splitting helms and burst mail shirts

Reeling foemen then retreated

Back they fell that routed army

Some few foemen stood there ground,

Kept on fighting to the end

Quick we came like swooping ravens

Killing all who stood before us.

Fast the fighting of that battle,

Quick their passing from the sagas.


Aaron, giver of gold rings

Britta, great beauty with sharp sword,

Called together their bold war band

Brave they fought and led with pride

Gaining glory for their kingdom

Bringing golden victory home. 


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