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>       Time for a new topic.
>       What is your favorite song or poem that you have written, and why is
>it your favorite?
>       What is your favorite piece that another SCA bard has written and why
>is that your favorite?  If you cannot just pick one try to keep it to 5 or

Robert --

Tiggy here.

Is THIS what you think of at this hour?  I understand how "Spike, the Attack Muse" can hit at odd hours, though.  ;)  (That's actually a reference made by a bard this past Kingdom Competition).

Anyway, once again you have hit on a great topic, and I intend to respond to your poetry-writing post as well.

My favorite of my own pieces?  I think it may be THE SABLE STAR ALONE -- because of the impact that my first coronation had upon me, which was the inspiration for the piece.  There is a tremendous amount of emotion in that piece for me, compounded with the feelings I have for the song from which the tune comes -- THE BURDEN OF THE CROWN.  In my opinion, it may be the greatest piece I've ever written.  There are also pieces of mine that I love dearly, but I don't think that they effect me emotionally as strongly as that one does.

As for my favorite piece by another SCA bard, I am torn.  When I was taken as an apprentice to Master Robin, I was charged with learning a piece that I had heard before, but had never performed -- THE STRANGEST DREAM by Master Ioseph of Locksley.  Since then, it has become very dear to me.  I will also never forget the first time I ever heard VIVAT! THE DREAM -- it moved me to tears.  From what I have been told, it was written by a Trimaran bard (nobody's perfect ;) and have taken a point to welcome newcommers to the Society with it.  There are a couple of pieces by Elanor O'Ruark that move me, as well -- her SONG OF THE SEA WOLVES is very good, and I have to say that the new one she wrote for her term as Bard of the Steppes (the title escapes me now) is nothing short of a true credit to her as a bard and to the barony whose title bardship she holds.  Ask her to perform it some time -- it's really good.

Well, there are my two shillings-worth.  I'll bow out of the circle now, and let another bard have a chance.


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