[Bards] What's your Favorite Piece?

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Wed Jun 4 07:57:15 PDT 2003

On Wed, 4 Jun 2003 03:12:38 EDT Fitzmorgan at aol.com writes:
> --
>        What is your favorite song or poem that you have written, and
> why is
> it your favorite?

        To me, it's very close between two pieces, both with good reasons
(I think) behind them. And yes, true credit has to go to Spike, the
Attack Muse (he's mine, Tiggy! *grin*).

        Spike once turned a 5 hour drive from Bordermarch to Steppes
Warlord into a 7 hour drive by handing me "Pass Down" along the way, a
song about why the SCA keeps us coming back. It's tied for my favorite
because it's the only piece I've ever done that made HE Sir Simonn of
Amber cry. Two years ago at Diamond Wars, the (then) Queen of Calontir
whispered, after HE Amberlea Fairchild and I had done it, "Thank you for
reminding me why I still do this." I don't get compliments like that
every day.
        Spike also one evening handed me "Elegy", which I love because
it's just plain so much fun. I get to hear the groans and the laughter of
my audience renew itself with every single line. Plus, on a note of
personal satisfaction, it's the piece that allowed me to pull a "gotcha"
on Master Modius last Bordermarch Melees.

>        What is your favorite piece that another SCA bard has written
> and why
> is that your favorite?  If you cannot just pick one try to keep it
> to 5 or
> less.

        Were I to truly get rolling, I couldn't limit myself to 5 if my
soul depended on it. However, I do this much more for the enjoyment of
the audience than for anything having to do with historical reenactment.
With that in mind, I think that for the pure rollicking joy of it, you'd
look a long time before you found anything to beat Master Robin's
"Cultural Medley".

              In Joyful Service,

                      Iain MacCrimmon

                    Cave Tyranniam Timorium Suorum

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