[Bards] What's your Favorite Piece?

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 My favorate piece that I have seen performed was when
 Finnican Dubh told his Pinochio story the night he won
 kingdom bard many years ago. I am not sure if it was
 an origional though.  To this day I have not seen or
 heard anything to top it.

 lyric o'rourke
Yes, the tale that almost ended my life. I've heard stories of townsfolk
reaching for pitchforks and lighting torches...but I'd never actually seen it.
 It's not a sight fit for a sober man.
That tale, like many of my pieces, will never be performed in a formal
setting again. It's going on the "small campfire/4:00am" pile. As time has gone by,
I have noticed that some of my earlier work is not acceptable to me. I find
that I want to give more historically accurate performances, and bring existing
tales and poems to life. I suppose we all improve, so perhaps some of you can
relate. Occasionally, the ghost a long-abandoned piece rears it's rotting,
peeling face and calls you "daddy" in front of everyone.
  Ironically, the tale that Lyric refers to is not that bad, if you know your
Tales of Heaven and the mercy of Christ were common in the later Middle Ages,
and the dreadful punchline refers to Pinnochio, which just so happens to be a
14th century Italian fairytale. However, it's based on a very modern source,
right out of "Truly Tasteless Jokes", and if you have the gall to really
involve the audience in the old man's grief, they can become enraged when you hit
them with the punchline.
Oh, well. With great power comes great responsibility, and all that.
Thanks for the compliments, Lyric. Good to see you here.

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