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lyric ui ruairc lyric_ui_ruairc at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 5 15:42:08 PDT 2003

I always lurk in these lists.  The compliment was
deserved - I am sure anyone there would have to agree.


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> <<
>  My favorate piece that I have seen performed was
> when
>  Finnican Dubh told his Pinochio story the night he
> won
>  kingdom bard many years ago. I am not sure if it
> was
>  an origional though.  To this day I have not seen
> or
>  heard anything to top it.
>  lyric o'rourke
>   >>
> Yes, the tale that almost ended my life. I've heard
> stories of townsfolk
> reaching for pitchforks and lighting torches...but
> I'd never actually seen it.
>  It's not a sight fit for a sober man.
> That tale, like many of my pieces, will never be
> performed in a formal
> setting again. It's going on the "small
> campfire/4:00am" pile. As time has gone by,
> I have noticed that some of my earlier work is not
> acceptable to me. I find
> that I want to give more historically accurate
> performances, and bring existing
> tales and poems to life. I suppose we all improve,
> so perhaps some of you can
> relate. Occasionally, the ghost a long-abandoned
> piece rears it's rotting,
> peeling face and calls you "daddy" in front of
> everyone.
>   Ironically, the tale that Lyric refers to is not
> that bad, if you know your
> history.
> Tales of Heaven and the mercy of Christ were common
> in the later Middle Ages,
> and the dreadful punchline refers to Pinnochio,
> which just so happens to be a
> 14th century Italian fairytale. However, it's based
> on a very modern source,
> right out of "Truly Tasteless Jokes", and if you
> have the gall to really
> involve the audience in the old man's grief, they
> can become enraged when you hit
> them with the punchline.
> Oh, well. With great power comes great
> responsibility, and all that.
> ..Heh..
> Thanks for the compliments, Lyric. Good to see you
> here.
> ~Finnacan
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