[Bards] What's your Favorite Piece?

Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
Fri Jun 6 07:09:47 PDT 2003

I really like the idea of a Bardmoot at Gulf War.

A lot of bards are gathered together, there's usually a couple of large
pavilions that would be glad to host the lot, for half a day or an evening
even, and if it went well enough, it might become a habit, er, I mean


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> << Finnacan, the only problem I can see with holding such a forum
> at an event
>  like Steppes 12th night (or most "regular" events, for that
> matter) is that
>  most bards that I know are so busy doing a multitude of other things,
>  catching up with friends they haven't seen in months, etc., that they get
>  pulled away from the very thing that they wanted to do.
>  However, in Ansteorra at least, it's hard to find a weekend where there's
>  not some event going on that we could just do a bardic
> gathering; nothing so
>  formal as an event, but some place big enough to where we could
> have a group
>  of people who want to learn, want to perform, or want to trade
>  tunes/stories/etc.
>  Gerald. >>
>   True enough. These days, the Calendar is full and each event is
> packed with
> activities that take precedence. That was one reason I mentioned it as an
> informal thing, going on all day, so that performers could
> meander in and out.
> It's a shame there is not a performance event on the Kingdom Calender, but
> that's another issue altogether.
>   We could take another route. Hold off until 25th year
> celebration, though
> that might be a madhouse. Agree to have a BardMoot at Gulf War (that could
> become a yearly tradition) or even try to have a bardic event,
> though that doesn't
> seem feasible, as we would find our attendance low compared to
> other events.
>  ..unless we could get Their Majesties to attend, and every brewer in the
> kingdom, musicians and dancers, fools and jongleurs, puppeteers,
> empowered groups
> of lusty women, beggars, actors, etc.
>  But of course, that's going back to that Kingdom Faire/Carnival
> idea, and I
> said that was another issue altogether, so...
> Who else has ideas for us sharing pieces in person?
> ~Finnacan
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