[Bards] What's your Favorite Piece?

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<< Finnacan, the only problem I can see with holding such a forum at an event
 like Steppes 12th night (or most "regular" events, for that matter) is that
 most bards that I know are so busy doing a multitude of other things,
 catching up with friends they haven't seen in months, etc., that they get
 pulled away from the very thing that they wanted to do.

 However, in Ansteorra at least, it's hard to find a weekend where there's
 not some event going on that we could just do a bardic gathering; nothing so
 formal as an event, but some place big enough to where we could have a group
 of people who want to learn, want to perform, or want to trade

 Gerald. >>
  True enough. These days, the Calendar is full and each event is packed with
activities that take precedence. That was one reason I mentioned it as an
informal thing, going on all day, so that performers could meander in and out.
It's a shame there is not a performance event on the Kingdom Calender, but
that's another issue altogether.
  We could take another route. Hold off until 25th year celebration, though
that might be a madhouse. Agree to have a BardMoot at Gulf War (that could
become a yearly tradition) or even try to have a bardic event, though that doesn't
seem feasible, as we would find our attendance low compared to other events.
 ..unless we could get Their Majesties to attend, and every brewer in the
kingdom, musicians and dancers, fools and jongleurs, puppeteers, empowered groups
of lusty women, beggars, actors, etc.
 But of course, that's going back to that Kingdom Faire/Carnival idea, and I
said that was another issue altogether, so...
Who else has ideas for us sharing pieces in person?

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