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I love the idea. Thanks Robert!!


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I've only heard about half of those you listed. I have been to two
events this month where we fell into performing "The Old Stuff". Some songs
hadn't heard in a decade and some songs I had never heard. I keep thinking
should pick a Central event and spend a day just teaching one another some of
the old songs that are seldom heard anymore.


You heard him, ladies and lords, a bardic forum. A place to learn and
record and trade pieces with no competition whatsoever, preferably in the Central
We could bring refreshments and written copies of our works, the old
classics, whatever, and exchange them.
I vote Steppes 12th Night. It could go on all day, giving performers time to
do other things, visit, attend to business, whatever. Hopefully, we could find
a sideroom or an area out of the way of the main hall for this.
This doesn't have to be anything formal and should certainly not interfere
with the autocrats activities.
Is this a ridiculous idea, is it possible, or is it genius? No matter, it's
all Robert's fault!
Robert did it!
::runs away, pointing::
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