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> Greetings unto the list!
> At ther Grace Willow's suggestion I am glad to be on here.
> I am a rather new bard and always looking for new peices... I prefer my time
> period <14th century Irish>  But any new and fun peices are great.
> So With this I will ask a question unto the list:
> What is your favorite peice and why?
> Cheers,
> Lord Seamus O Dubhda, P.E


       We just had a discussion on what peoples favorite piece is.  Though
I'm sure there is more to be said on the matter if you like you can go to.  <A HREF="http://www.ansteorra.org/pipermail/bards/">
Bards Archives</A>
and read what was said.  The discussion was early this month.


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