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Greeting to all the performers From Willow de Wisp

We all need to expand our repertoire. I have a suggestion. There has been
a problem bought to my attention. Of course all of you know that bringing
your problems to nobles is one of the legitimate pathways. The problem
has been lack of courtesy and courtly behavior. People are becoming more
and more mundane. This fits into the normal pattern of the SCA. A friend
of mine who lives out of kingdom described her kingdom as a "place were
you wear funny clothes and get points for doing something historical and
writing papers." Ansteorra always had that extra part to it made for
something more. Many of our young people have no idea what is courtly
behavior.  In period young people were taught the concepts of courtly
behavior, chivalry and honor by listening to the romance stories,tales of
Arthur, Charlemagne and others. I would suggest that you do a tale or
write a song or poem that is based on the Romance stories. I read in one
of my books that minstrels were not allowed  communion because they
pandered to taste of the people.Jongleurs were allowed into the church
and were encouraged because they told the ancient stories that inspired
people to behave better. I think Jongleurs were paid more than minstrels.

Willow de Wisp
> Pomestnitsa Ekaterina
> who will watch this thread with interest since she too needs to
> expand her
> repertoire.
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