[Bards] Repertoire Expansion

Marlin Stout ldcharles at ev1.net
Tue Jun 17 05:34:57 PDT 2003

willow Taylor wrote:
>  Greetings to Ulf.
> It is truly sad when something as wonderful as Mistress Aeruin's song is
> lost. I tell a story about that song and many people in the central
> region have not heard it. Do you think you or somebody could come down
> here and teach it? Or maybe we could send someone up to you to learn it.
> Would anybody be interested in learning my story? It is a great tale on
> the power of a bard.

Your Grace,

I must agree with you that it is a sad thing that we have 'lost' our old
stories, songs, and poems. When I have spoken to schoolchildren here in
Bryn Gwlad I have often said that we need to study history because we
cannot know where we're going if we don't know where we've been.

While I am not a Duke, or a Lion, or a Peer, I would like to offer a
challenge to Your Grace and all of my fellow performers on this list.
between now and Gulf War, learn, or relearn, and perform at least one
piece that you remember from when you first joined, or that predates you
in the Society.

As bards we often serve as the collective memory of our Kingdom. Let us
all strive to keep our history in the minds of all, and help teach it to
our newcomers through our performances.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad

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