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To Milo and all of the other newcomers on the list,

What you may not realize is that newcomers are the life's blood of the SCA.
Were it not for the newcomers who come and join and enjoy the society, we
would die out in a hurry. Welcome to the SCA, to Ansteorra and to all it has
to offer. I hope that we get the chance to meet some time soon and perhaps
swap a story or a poem.


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    Hello the list!

    I signed up to join this group yesterday in response to a request put
out by Lady Willow on the Elfsea list, and already I am most glad to have
joined you.
    In my mundane life, I teach literature courses and am an avid reader and
student of medieval literature. I have toyed with the idea of becoming
involved with the bardic side of the Society for quite some time, and so
this request seemed like as good a time as any to just jump in with both
feet and do it.
    So, please be advised that you do have something like a bardic newbie
amongst you who would be most glad to hear any advice you might want to
proffer about how to begin walking the path of the bard. :^)

    Milo LeRoux

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