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Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
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My name is Legion.

I perform music from 13th - 15th century, as well as Irish jigs and reels.
On flute and recorder (and whistle).

I've always been a musician.  When I was young I tried learning how to play
the guitar, but my fingers just weren't there (too short, too stubby, and
too likely to bleed on the strings).  In school I could sing and finally
started learning on piano, then trombone.

I could sing, and do some small acting.  So I sang, I played, I acted, and
never really spent a lot of time concentrating on any of these.

Until recently I haven't really been interested in working on my personna
play, my personna's history, etc., but after playing for the Company of the
Grail's Pas d'Armes @ Gulf War XII, I've become more interested in it.

Many of my peers are interested in the study of ancient musics, the pieces
period and such.  Currently I'm not drawn down that path other than trying
to make the "scenery" better for the audience.  I play background when I
can, so that other people hear the music as they're talking about their
favorite fighter, their most recent aquisition, etc..  I perform at bardic,
pieces both period and outrageously out of period.  Her Grace Willow and I
touched on this subject, and I try not to offend people (too often), but
sometimes I just want to ... play.  I try to encourage others to have the
courage to stand up and make a joyful noise.  To share the fun that I have
on a day to day basis.  I have several very fine teachers who have for more
patience with my shenanigans than I would with myself.

I have received awards for things that I would do in a darkened closet, by
myself.  It usually takes me a year or so to figure out the "why" of getting
it.  I've received many gracious gifts from people pleased with my singing
or playing.  Compliments too numerous (and sometimes embarrasing) to
mention.  And every time I stand up, every time I play, it's for the music,
and the chance to move an audience, and have them there with me, in a joyful


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> Dear fellow Bards
> I am a new question.  What do you perform in the SCA?
>  I have been a story teller for most of my life. When I was ten I set up
> a story telling booth next to my girl friend's lemonade booth and made as
> much money as she did. When I started in the SCA I wasn't a performer. I
> was an organizer and an autocrat. I didn't really start to build my
> persona until I was in Ansteorra. When I started to work on my historical
> persona I realized that entertainment is part of the role of a person in
> the  middle ages. Everybody did something. The gentle born were suppose
> to do more. People entertained themselves and it would of gotten really
> boring if everybody didn't perform . Who was that Saxon cleric who prayed
> to God to help him out because when the horn was passed to him he could
> not think of anything? As I advanced in the SCA I became a patron of the
> bardic arts. In history you will find many nobles who did things like
> that, Robert of Normandy and Richard the Lionhearted. They usually
> participated in the art form. So my performance are part of my living my
> persona.
> Willow de Wisp
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