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Senora Aislin McKay-De La Vega

I personally prefer singing, it is what I do best, I don't have the talent 
nor the sence of timing it takes for story telling or poetry reading.
I'll sing just about anything that comes to mind as my persona is that of an 
Irish Journeymen,
and so with that in mind I am able to sing a range of songs from different 
era's dating before my actual persona, and of different cultures.

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>Dear fellow Bards
>I am a new question.  What do you perform in the SCA?
>  I have been a story teller for most of my life. When I was ten I set up
>a story telling booth next to my girl friend's lemonade booth and made as
>much money as she did. When I started in the SCA I wasn't a performer. I
>was an organizer and an autocrat. I didn't really start to build my
>persona until I was in Ansteorra. When I started to work on my historical
>persona I realized that entertainment is part of the role of a person in
>the  middle ages. Everybody did something. The gentle born were suppose
>to do more. People entertained themselves and it would of gotten really
>boring if everybody didn't perform . Who was that Saxon cleric who prayed
>to God to help him out because when the horn was passed to him he could
>not think of anything? As I advanced in the SCA I became a patron of the
>bardic arts. In history you will find many nobles who did things like
>that, Robert of Normandy and Richard the Lionhearted. They usually
>participated in the art form. So my performance are part of my living my
>Willow de Wisp
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