[Bards] New Question

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Mon Jun 30 21:28:17 PDT 2003

Her Grace Willow wrote:
> I am afraid I wasn't being totally honest with you before. What I said
> was true, but it is also true that I perform because I am a Ham. Give me
> an audience and I will perform. I go to competitions because there is a
> caught audience. 

Hear! Hear! Let us hear it for an honest woman!  I, too, am a Ham. 
Without the soothing strains of applause, my mind turns in upon itself,
digesting small bits and disgorging poetry like yeast feeding on the
sugars, finally pushing the cap off in an explosion of gasses that expel
me from my underwater lair in search of Herot and an audience.

Oh. Wait.  That wasn't me.  That was someone else.

Anyway, I'm a ham too.


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