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Snorri Hallsson snorri at houston.rr.com
Mon Sep 1 20:10:09 PDT 2003

Greetings to all:

There are several events taking place in the Stargate area that will be featuring bardic activities

On September 12-14, the Barony of Stargate will host A Day at the Colosseum.  Information on this event can be found elsewhere on this list, off of the Kingdom Calendar and, of course, in the Black Star.  As the titled bard for Stargate, it's my pleasure to host a bardic circle that Saturday evening.  The circle will be hosted in the "pass the lantern" style, where a lantern is passed round the circle and when it comes to you, you may either perform or ask another person to perform.  To make this a format where more people can participate, I'm encouraging people to tell impromptu stories about things they've experienced in the SCA, people they've known, and in general any sort of "no s***, there I was" tales - no need for preparation or polish, just a desire to give wordfame (or a touch of public razzing) to yourself or your friends.  Also, I'd like to encourage pieces where audience participation is welcome or instructed, such as rounds, sing-a-longs, and Ansteorran standards that have choruses known by many.

On October 11, the Canton of Gate's Edge will host Cour d'Amour.  Information on this event can likewise be found in the usual places.  There's much at this event for bards to enjoy!  First, during the day, I will be conducting a loosely-organized class on Bawdy Songs.  (Parents, fear not: our class will be taking place on the fringes of the site, well out of the way of younger ears and common areas.)  If you have a bawdy tune to teach or wish to learn a specific piece there, please contact me off-list at snorri at houston.rr.com ASAP so that I can try to make arrangements to meet your request.  Also, during the day, I will be conducting a competition to determine the next Bardic Champion of Gate's Edge.  **Details on the competition will follow soon in a separate posting.**  Finally, that evening I, and hopefully my successor, will host a two-part bardic circle.  During the first part, we are encouraging our children to come and entertain the crowds, and encouraging our bards to perform pieces for them.  After a certain amount of time, we'll take a short break and put the kids to bed - cause when we come back, we'll be doing Bawdy Bardic (again, away from family campsites and common areas) for the rest of the night!

Finally, on December 13, the Barony of Stargate hosts its Yule Revel, at which the next Bardic Champion of Stargate will be determined.  Bards, I encourage you to begin preparing your pieces and documentation now for this prestigious competition.  **As with the Gate's Edge competition, details will follow in a separate e-mail.**

I look forward to seeing you at these events and sharing the gift of bardcraft with Ansteorra.

Snorri Hallsson
Premier (Bardic) Champion of Westgate
Bardic Champion of Gate's Edge and Stargate

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