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Submitted for your kind consideration, although it's
not what I'd call a typical bardic piece.  Feel free
to give constructive criticism.


The Flash Flood by Lady Madelina de Lindesay

In the high summer, when the drought begins, and big
cumulo-nimbus clouds roll in,
and all in a flash, the lightning sparks bright, the
brisk winds pick up, then just before night,
the warm rain comes down.

It starts as a mist to heal the parched earth,
granting the flora a certain rebirth.
The tender fronds of browning plants are bathed. 
Though upturned leaves with water, now are saved,
they can't know their fate.

Now coming harder, the pattering drops make mud of
dust, and batter down the crops.
First rills to creeks, and then to streams growing,
the wild river fills, then overflowing,
it teems out its banks.

Animals hurry, first to higher ground, while men
struggle to hold their precious ground.
But water cares not who owns the dry land.  The river
takes all down to the sea strand,
and mocks our brave plans.

Ankle-deep, now with water receeding, a woman cries
out, to her god, pleading,
with such destruction, why now the glad sun?  My land
is a shambles.  What must be done?
How can I go on?

The answer is simple, do what you will, with no
guarantees, life, that is the thrill.
Take joy where you can, make plans if you must, but
don't be surprised if all comes to bust.
You just keep living.

So your love, to me, was like a flash flood.  It
roared in my bones and warmed my dull blood.
Your ardent words, and more torrid desire, left me
undone, and my heart in a mire,
my mind awhirl.

I'll bake bricks of the mud, build a keep strong, and
that's where I'll rest and know I belong.
For after a flood, the silted land grows.  I may cry
at night, when the wind blows, but...
I'll listen for thunder.

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