[Bards] The Flash Flood

Samuel E Orton iainmacc at juno.com
Thu Sep 4 13:35:28 PDT 2003

On Thu, 4 Sep 2003 10:32:09 -0700 (PDT) ML <lymadelina at yahoo.com> writes:
>Thank you for the suggestion on the title.  I believe
>I will use it.

	You are QUITE welcome. I hope to hear you perform this piece one

>I, too, wasn't happy with "cumulo-nimbus", but
>couldn't think of a shorter way to describe those big,
>puffy clouds that stack up real tall and get real dark
>and look kind of scary.... But I'll work on it some

	Hmmm... how about...

In the high summer, when the drought begins, and the brooding
thunderheads roll in,

>I searched the thesaurus, and didn't have much luck
>finding a substitute for "batter", but maybe something
>will come to me.

Now coming harder, the pattering drops make mud of the dust, and pummel
the crops.
	Or "pound down the crops". Or "flatten the crops". Or...
	For that matter, "batter" would fit the meter if you got rid of

>This: "teems out of its banks" is a good change, I
>like it.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I actually liked

	Once again, you are quite welcome.

			In Joyful Service,

				Iain MacCrimmon

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