[Bards] Sonnets

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sat Feb 14 11:49:46 PST 2004

Esther asked:

> An interesting site with different forms of sonnets on it, a brief history
> of the form and examples.
> At the bottom, there is a very brief description of the "heroic sonnet",
> no example. Can anyone give me more info on this one? Like, is it period?

A brief search through my books yielded nothing.  An Internet search
unearthed the following:

Heroic Sonnet: An 18-line poem that is like the English Sonnet with the
addition of a fourth quatrain (after the third) in alternating rhyme.

An 18 line sonnet where heroic couplets are added to two stanzas of iambic
pentameter octave or to four quatrains.

I can't find any reference to it as a period form.  I also can't find
reference to any pre-17th century sonnet that isn't 14 lines.  Sorry.

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