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Lovely tune m'lady.  I grand chuckle I doth had.

Gottfried Krimmelbein
Stonebridge Keep
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> Hi, I have a very silly Monty Python filk I'd like to share. I hope
> you like it (just please don't groan too loud if you don't). I have my
> husband to thank/blame/whatever, for giving me the idea, because he
> suggested I write an epic Dr-Seuss-style poem of the LOTR trilogy,
> which set me off on a train of thought that wound up here. (Epic poem
> may or may not be forthcoming.)
> The Nazgul Song (to tune of "The Lumberjack Song")
> I'm a Nazgul, and I'm OK!
> I hunt the Ring all night and day!
> We ride fell beasts, we wear black cloaks,
> We serve the One Dark Lord.
> We also kill and plunder,
> This way we're never bored!
> We tore up Bree, that little town,
> To find the One True Ring.
> That inn, the Prancing Pony,
> Will do no more prancing!
> We like that creature Gollum;
> We're really in his debt.
> But we hate Princess Arwen
> Because she got us wet!
> Don't try to fight me, 'cause no man
> Can see my face and live.
> (...Unless, of course, you're Eowen, but that's another story.)
> Anyway...(repeat chorus)
> by Ly Serena Dominicci, February 11, 2004
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