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 With this time constraint we were hoping to get people who had not
approached the bardic arts before to feel comfortable. A poem or sonnet is
done well with in this time, these are things someone could try with ease
and not feel overwhelmed with the idea of people staring at them for a long
time. I will not be holding my hourglass or watching the sundial, this is a
time guideline not a hard fast rule. In the arts displays we also are asking
for only one to  three things, one as primary with two others if you wish. I
hope many can see the possibility's in this and, I hope, not dwell on the
negative. I want people to have fun and enjoy the day with a little foolery,
good fighting, good food, lively stories or songs, and intriguing displays
from the artisans. Try something new put out an art, try the baric tell some
jokes be silly. These are title competitions but they are achievable by
newer artist.Winning is not what I would like people to come for, though I
am sure many will hope to win. I hope you come to have a good time and enjoy
all the wonderful thing you might see and do.
Lady Elfsea

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Hey --

Tiggy here.

All right, from the Springfair Website:

"Title Bard Competition -- No theme.  Story, song, or poem.  Single round.
Performance must be five minutes or less in duration."

**FIVE** minutes?

Are we SURE about this?

I'm really just asking, but a PERIOD piece COMPLETE with introduction in
under five minutes?  Even WITHOUT the introduction, that's pushing it.

Now, granted, I have won the Elfsea bardic competition in under 5 minutes --
but it was in the final round of a 3-round competition, there was little if
any introduction, and it was an original piece..

That, and five minutes in a single round seems an awfully short time to
judge a bard that will be representing your barony for the following year.

What do you think?

Much thanx -


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