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OK, lets define our terms a little better. 

Since we have been on the topic and we have a reasonable number of past Kingdom Bards and assorted Laurel and Iris types who have judged Eistedfodd, along with our most esteemed current Premier Bard. 

What do we expect in Writen Documentation when it is handed to us? My Documentation model at this point is a variation on what I would expect to find at any static A&S competiton.

For myself if I am judging a competition where writen docs are required I want at minimum the following.

Name of performer

Title of the piece and Author

2 to 3 paragraphs giving an overview of the piece itself. This would be time and place where written and explanation of form for period pieces or a brief explanation of style form and content for original pieces. information about how the type of piece would have been performed in period or what purpose it would have served is also usefull. 

An Explanation of what parts of the piece and/or performance varies from the period model and why.

Bibliography (Preferably at least three reliable sources but one source is still better than none)

This is about one page worth of information typed, possibly two with the Bibliography being a second. . if you need to hand write it just make sure it is legible. Add photocopies of source material if needed behind the bibliography. A copy of the words for the given peice may be helpfull to some judges as well, but that will vary from judge to judge I am sure.

 I _don't want_ a term paper. If you have documented a style that far, great! There is a research paper category at KAS! I'll be happy to read it myself at a later date. However, when judging a multiple round comptition or even a one round competition with more than 3 people competing I will simply not have time to read more than a couple of well defined pages. Headings and tabs are very useful to help me as a judge find the information you want me to see. I have seen "ok" docs praised over great docs that had more info about a project and the period styles simply because the judges could find what they were looking for. 

In the end what I want when judging is more like the explanations in a concert program, or a museum hand out describing the exhibit. Just enough that I may reasonably measure your piece against another of a different style. 

Any body else want to kick the can o'worms?
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