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You are a wonderful man

I'd love a copy of those notes Please

Lady (Simone) Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing
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> Greetings,
> If you give me enough notice, and Truly (or a local hotel) would put up
> me again, I would be interested in coming to this event and helping out.
> I have been running the Bardic symposiums at Pennsic and also the "Knowne
> World Bardic College and Cooks Collegium" events (ok - The Bardic 1/2's)
> a number of years...and a goodly portion of the Knowne World bards travel
> lot (I have a huge contact list if you need it).
> But if you see it as a 'local's only' event, I will not be offended:)
> Either way, I have an excellent digital compendium of our class notes from
> the last Knowne World event if people would like it (I can send it to
> who asks - email me privately at this address)
> All the best,
> Yours,
> Garraed (see: Ealdormerian spy)
> PS: It’s a shame you dropped that other topic - I think defining the
> of bardic arts, and also the art vs. artifact/dream vs. theme arguments,
> really good topics and needs a lot of ongoing and polite discussion. But
> then, we northerners are occasionally known for rabble rousing;)
> Tim Jennings
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> Roseneath Theatre
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> Subject: [Bards] Bardic collegium
> Since our previous hot topic has died down a bit, I'd like to start up a
> new one that might not be quite so controversial.  It is my hope to
> organize a bardic collegium for the late spring or summer of this year,
> either hosted by Steppes or attached to an existing event.  If hosted by
> Steppes, it would technically be a local or regional event given the
> kingdom limitations on the number of kingdom-level events hosted by each
> group, but I would love to see it grow and draw bards from thoughout the
> kingdom.  This is in the absolute beginning stages of preparation and so
> can be shaped to fit the needs of the participants.  I'd like to get
> input on the following subjects:
> snip
> Antonia/Dawn
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