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Tue Jan 13 21:57:56 PST 2004


Robin Said:
Well, having a bardic collegium at King's College isn't an event of bards
gathered together in mutual support; it's just one of many tracks.  This is
a Good Thing, and I recommend having a bardic track at King's College, but
that doesn't replace the event we were talking about.
For one thing, if it's at King's College, I'll still attend, but I'll have
other classes and won't be able to spend as much time at the bardic track.
For another, the track either loses many of the students, or we encourage
the bards to avoid other classes.  This is not a Good Thing.
Have the track at King's College.  Also have a Bardic Collegium.  They are
not interchangeable.
Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 
Pendaran: Well put, Robin; I agree completely.

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