[Bards] Knowne world BC/CC in Ansteorra

Tim Jennings tim at roseneath.ca
Tue Jan 13 11:58:13 PST 2004

Hi Snorri,

I think it would be great if you guys put in a bid. I should point out that
the next KWBC/CC is in Northshield in October of 2004 and there is an intent
to have the next one (2005) in Aethelmarc (They have put in a basic bid).

I would suggest that you look at 2006, or I can talk to Aethelmarc and see
how interested they are 'really' in their date.

The KWBC/CC bids are sent into a small group who founded the event, but I
can guarantee that we would love to see you guys do it. The only issue is a)
format (it’s a wknd long event usually - only way to run something where
everyone is flying in) and b) we like the autocrats to have attended one
prior to hosting their own (but it looks like you would have 2 to choose

I can tell you more if you need the info (ie: That hasn't scared you off;)


Tim Jennings
General Manager
Roseneath Theatre
519 787 2399

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From: "Snorri Hallsson" <snorri at houston.rr.com>
Subject: Re: [Bards] Bardic Collegium
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OK, well, I'll go there ... but keep in mind, this is not yet a commitment
to bid and/or steward, just an inquiry.  This is also excluding the current
discussion on a kingdom level bardic event.

If I were to put in for a late 2005 or 2006 calendar date, who'd be willing
to help me put together a Knowne World Bardic Congress and Cooks Collegium
in Ansteorra?

Y'all discuss, I'm going for more coffee and a good, sound bonk on the

Snorri, who'll claim caffeine deprivation or temporary insanity later
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