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I like Ansteorran Bardic Collection Vol 1.

Baroness Elayne
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  Ansteorran Bardic Collection Vol 1

  A Bard's Book of Ansteorra (Vol 1)

  Bardicum Ansteorrum (Vol 1): Poems, Stories and Song of the Kingdom of Ansteorra

  Chambers, Halls and Campfires (Vol 1)

  Mythos Ansteorras (Vol 1)

  Poets and Singers and Skalds, Oh my!

  Ansteorran Memories (Vol 1)

  That should be enough to get you guys started.

  In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
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    Hey folks,
    It was pointed out to me that my intended name for the Ansteorran Bard Book, "The Rising Star" is also one of our kingdom's awards.  Being a herald, you think I would have realized that.  So, in light of that, I've decided it would be better to rename the book, however, I have no idea what to name it.  Therefore, if you have any suggestions, please post them to the list, or mail them to me directly.  Your help is greatly appreciated.



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