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D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Thu Jul 29 16:06:00 PDT 2004

Dawn Rummel <dsrummel at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Question: How do you, personally, work to become a better bard?


    Listening. Lots and lots of listening. And interspersed with lots and lots of watching and observing. Then there's the reading...lots and lots of reading. When all 3 meet together in one place, then comes


    Which then quickly turns into the writing....lots and lots of writing...and revising...lots and lots of revising...and rewording...and reworking...then comes the rereading and the rehearsing....then finally...perhaps...


    Then comes the critiquing and hopefully an accolade or two...or at least a shiny eye from the audience...but the best is when another bard (especially someone who never wrote or performed before) tells you that it was your work which inspired them to do the same. After all of that, then perhaps there is the teaching....but the performance can do that all by itself...some learn best by example. 

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