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> Dawn Rummel <dsrummel at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Question: How do you, personally, work to become a better bard?
> Antonia/Dawn
> It's the little things in life...

Good Question Antonia,

becoming a better bard for me is a continual journey. of reserch,  
preperation, practice, performace, evaluation, cronstuctive critisim from  
others and back to reserch and preperation.

I discovered early on thanks to the bards that came before me like Willow,  
Robin, and Darius, that I had to practice. and if I wanted to get better I  
had to have feedback and constructive critisim of my performance; then  
take that information and rework what I'm doing. I discovered with talking  
with other bards they had experianced the problems I was having with  
perfoming, and had learned how to overcome those problems. I had to learn  
to listen to thier advice and critisim if I was to get better.

the last 12 years have taught me a few hard lessons. first being do your  
reserch first. then from that reserch chose peices yu can belive in.  
analize the piece, work out how you would prefom it. then practice,  
practice, practice. Perform the peice, get feedback from someone you trust  
to be honest (not nessisaraly kind). go back and rework the peice. then  
practice some more. It's a cycle that for me improves the quality of my  

I've also discovered that there is always more for me to learn. and part  
of my job as a bard is not only to teach but to remain teachable.  
Sometimes it means pocketing my pride and listening to those i realy don't  
want to. Or accepting critism that while thougfh it was not delivered  
nicely still has merit. Another biggie I have had to learn is If I'm not  
sure about something Ask no matter how silly I feel. these are all things  
I've been working on to improve my Guality as a performer and a Bard. It's  
been a long road and many of these lessons took years to get through my  
thick skull. at times I am the poster child for repetively hitting my head  
against the same brick wall until something clicks and I do it the right  

When you focus on the Negitive that is all you see, when you forcus on the  
positive the world changes--

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