[Bards] Fw: [SCA_BARDS] ("New?") funny bardic twist on the old"Nigerian 419" email/spam/frauds...

John Hirling jhirling at houston.rr.com
Tue Oct 5 13:06:21 PDT 2004

Would that all spam was this clever.
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  Subject: [Bards] Fw: [SCA_BARDS] ("New?") funny bardic twist on the old"Nigerian 419" email/spam/frauds...

  This is just funny. Please read
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  Subject: [SCA_BARDS] ("New?") funny bardic twist on the old "Nigerian 419" email/spam/frauds...

  This is TOO funny! It's tailor-made for bards...

  Somebody sent this spam to my husband today. He nearly died laughing. 
  The funny thing is (or is it sad?) that only a bard or folkie (folk 
  music devotee) would have a clue as to what this is all about. 

  Talk about a new twist on the old "Nigerian 419" email frauds! :D


  I must apologise for any discomfiture you are experiencing as you read 
  this letter and solicit your utmost confidence by virtue of this 
  proposal. Let me introduce myself to you. I am Mrs Janet Lin, a 
  director at the First Bank of Carterhaugh. I came to you in confidence 
  because of some money, namely TWENTY-EIGHT MILLION GOLD COINS (28,000,
  000.000 gold coins) belonging to my missing husband, Thomas (Tam) Lin, 
  who was abducted by the faeries in a ghastly incident many years ago. 
  The money has been buried under a thorn hedge for seven hundred years. 
  I have given up hope that my beloved THOMAS LIN will return and so 
  have decided to retrieve his money and move to Tir Na Nog. I want you 
  to help claim the buried money as you are a source for good 
  investment. For this we are prepared to give you a reasonable 
  percentage of the money. Meanwhile 15% (FOUR MILLION TWO HUNDRED 
  THOUSAND GOLD COINS) has been set aside for you and the rest will be 
  for me and my milk cow called Derek. For the intrest of doing business 
  please do not hesitate to contact MR DEREK GUERNSEY on 27-731-450-735 
  Fax 27-843-232-611 IMMEDIATELY. I thank you for your cooperation and 
  warn of DIRE CONSEQUENCES if you fail to solicit my confidences.

  Mrs. Janet Lin
  First Bank of Carterhaugh"

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