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Sat Sep 18 21:55:48 PDT 2004

Greetings fellow Bards, Skalds, Minstrels and Troubadours of th e Realm,

All are cordially invited to come  to Golden Arrow X, Sept. 24-26 to be held at Brackenrdige Plantation & Campground in Edna, TX.

The Adult competition is Friday Night at 9 PM.  The Adult Bardic Competition is format is perform as many peieces as you like choose 2 for competition.  All entrants get a pearl and the winner gets 2 pearls.  Thes pearls will be the first earned in the String of Pearls Tournament II spoonsoredby the Shires of Stone Brdige Keep, Sea Winds, and La Marche Sauvage.

Also  there will be a Children's Bardic class as part of  Ministry of Children Activities,  followed by a Children's Bardic Competition.  We could use a Judge or two or three for the Children.  Class is from 2-3 and competition to follow right after 3-4.

Come one, come all, bring your families and your friends.  Raise your Tankards to the Voices of the Rising Star.

Current Bard of Stonebridge Keep
Lady Marguerite of Seawwinds

In Serviceto the Dream, the Rising Star, and the Society,

Ld. Gottfried Krimmelbein
Shire of Stonebridge Keep
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