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Beth Wolff wolffsrun at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 28 16:30:20 PDT 2004

First of all....thank you to all of the people who have helped me to get the news and updates out on Wormy's condition.  Matthias, Cecelia, and I are so worn out we can barely think straight, and you all have helped us to keep from completely falling apart.
Second, I was able to get in to see Wormy last night (he has me listed as his sister on his paperwork, so I can visit and get information) and I told him, and his family, how much eeryone loves him and is praying for him right now. I have no doubts at all that he heard me, so he knows.
Finally, here is the state of affairs today, 9-28-04, at 6:20 p.m.
Wormy is in stable, but still critical condition.  It is still very touch and go at this point. He is still listed as the most critically ill patient at the Dallas VA. ( Still over the top...nothing half-way for our Worm)His parent ere told that if his siblings want to visit they should come now, because even though he is somewhat stable right now, he could still die at any time with no warning. Sorry if that's scary, but I don't want to sugar-coat anything.....too risky.
They tried to take him off continuous dialysis, but his potassium levels shot way back up, so they are putting him back on as I type. However, the bacteriai infection in his blood keeps causing clots in the dialysis catheter and they have to unclog it and restart every so often. 
His temperature is low so they are keeping him under an warm air blanket, but his blood pressure is good, and he continues to try to breath a little on his own. He has not had any new medications added, but they are keeping him on the amnesiac and paralytic drugs so he will not move or wake up.
On the whole the news is that he is about the same, but he is still a very, very sick Worm......so keep up all you are doing to send him your love and strength, and maybe we will get our Wormy back again.
Tired but hopeful, and very sad and lonely,

Make a joyful noise unto your Kingdom! 
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