[Bards] Wormy's surgery

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please put a hug & a kiss from me and Sebastian. We
are thinking of Wormy daily and hope that he recovers
his health quickly.

Sending much love,
Eleanor (your apprentice) & Sebastian
Barony of Sun Dragon
Kingdom of Atenveldt

--- Darius of the Bells <masterdarius at earthlink.net>

> Our hopes and prayres go with Wurmy into the OR. At
> Elfsea Defender this weekend I will have available
> large sheets of paper for any one who wishes to
> write notes of support or simply sign their name and
> let Wurmy know we care. These will likley be up in
> the hall come so by and write a verse for the ailing
> Wurm. (Her exellency of Elfsea is also rummored to
> be bringing lipstick so kisses could be sent in
> their proper form) 
> Darius
> (please forward as you see fit)
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>   To all,
>   I spoke with Wormy this evening and I have pretty
> much all the information now. It's very serious. 
>   The bacteria Wormy has in his blood is
> Streptococcus bovine. How he got that no one seems
> to be able to figure out, but it has wreaked some
> serious damage. They did pull the cracked tooth that
> may have been the culprit, but it took an oral
> surgeon to get it all out. 
>   Wormy will be under going surgery tomorrow
> morning. The surgeon said that they don't ususally
> do surgery on Friday, but in his case they will. Not
> only are they going to replace the damaged heart
> valve, but the bacteria has deteriorated part of the
> aorta, and they will be performing an aortic graft
> as well. Since they have to order a synthetic graft,
> they would have to have known about the aortic
> deterioration for a few days now. 
>   I have been able to get ahold of his family and
> let them know, but, they live in Wisconsin and
> Illinois respectively, and will probably not be able
> to come here. Anyone who can come see him after the
> surgery should. He will need all the support he can
> get, then and during his recovery. I will be glad to
> give information to anyone who needs it.........that
> is if I have left anything out.
>   Send all your thoughts, prayers, wishes, healing
> energy, or whatever you think will work........we'll
> take all of it we can get. 
>   Hoping and praying,
>   Elanor
>   Make a joyful noise unto your Kingdom! 
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