[Bards] Wormy's surgery

Cathy Polakoff cathy.polakoff at comcast.net
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Our thoughts and prayers are with Wormy, and with you and your family in 
this difficult time. Again, please let me know if there is anything I can do.

If you could give me the location of the hospital, Matt and I will try to 
come by on Saturday, or if not, we'll come by on Sunday.


At 06:40 PM 9/23/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>To all,
>I spoke with Wormy this evening and I have pretty much all the information 
>now. It's very serious.
>The bacteria Wormy has in his blood is Streptococcus bovine. How he got 
>that no one seems to be able to figure out, but it has wreaked some 
>serious damage. They did pull the cracked tooth that may have been the 
>culprit, but it took an oral surgeon to get it all out.
>Wormy will be under going surgery tomorrow morning. The surgeon said that 
>they don't ususally do surgery on Friday, but in his case they will. Not 
>only are they going to replace the damaged heart valve, but the bacteria 
>has deteriorated part of the aorta, and they will be performing an aortic 
>graft as well. Since they have to order a synthetic graft, they would have 
>to have known about the aortic deterioration for a few days now.
>I have been able to get ahold of his family and let them know, but, they 
>live in Wisconsin and Illinois respectively, and will probably not be able 
>to come here. Anyone who can come see him after the surgery should. He 
>will need all the support he can get, then and during his recovery. I will 
>be glad to give information to anyone who needs it.........that is if I 
>have left anything out.
>Send all your thoughts, prayers, wishes, healing energy, or whatever you 
>think will work........we'll take all of it we can get.
>Hoping and praying,
>Make a joyful noise unto your Kingdom! 4d4150eb.jpg
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