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Susan Gideon twilit16 at swbell.net
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My Prayers and energy go out to Wormy. 
He is a joy to us ALL! 

I for one would like to make it known that the reporting of this situation or should I say the "Lack of Reporting" has me, as well as others in the Barony of Eldern Hills more than a little upset. 
Wormy was a member of this barony for several years. He is near and dear to us all.
Wormy is known and loved throught out the kingdom. This kind of news should have been posted to the Ansteorra-Announce at ansteorra.org way before this, Considering the fact that he went into the hospital on 9-16. News finally showed up on the Ansteorra-Announce list on 9-26 at 6:14 pm.

Elayne MacDuncan
Baroness of the Eldern Hills
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  Hello everyone,

       I'm sending out an update concerning Wormy. After improving throughout the day on Saturday, Worm decided to throw us a curve last night. During the night most of his systems have bottomed out. Right now most of his bodily systems are on mechanical support. His heart is being augmented by a balloon pump. His condition has been downgraded. The doctors are saying his chances of survival have slipped badly, down to about a 1 in 10. The details would be confusing, but anyone who wants to know should call or e-mail directly, and I'll answer as best as I can. We continue to have hope but this shift is not encouraging. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


  Make a joyful noise unto your Kingdom! 


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