[Bards] a New Filk

Marie Adams marie at adams-manor.org
Wed Sep 29 07:20:06 PDT 2004

That was awesome! Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies, so I
loved it.
Serena Dominicci

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Duncan MacNamara wrote:

> Hey... I don't normally post stuff to the list, but I thought someone else might enjoy this... I know I couldn't hardly stop laughing!
> This was written by one of my crew members:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> One Jump
> Tune from the movie Alladin
> New lyrics by: Frosty
> Gotta keep
> One step, ahead of the poleaxe
> One swing, ahead of the sword
> I dont wanna fight this lord
> (Why me?)
> One jump, ahead of the rattan,
> Thats all, and thats no joke
> My armors poor caouse I am broke
> Riffraff! Pirate! Scoundrel! Sea rat!
> Just a little light guys
> Pound his head in, bruise him bad guys
> I can take a hint, gotta face the facts
> Your my only friends, wolfies
> Who?
> Oh its sad he really needs some training
> Hes the worst fighter ive ever seen
> At least this fight is entertaining
> Gotta live to win, gotta fight to live
> Tell you all about it when ive got the time
> One jump ahead of the hammer
> One swipe ahead of my doom
> Good thing I used a nom de plume
> One step ahead of the knight
> One hit before this is over
> I knew I forgot that four leaved clover
> Hey you! Novice! Harder! Like this!
> Please dont hit me too hard.
> Ill just dent in your face guard
> Gotta live to win, gotta fight to live
> Otherwise id be long gone
> One jump ahead of the broadsword
> One leap away from an axe
> One trick ahead of disaster
> They're quick, and im no faster
> Here goes, better get to fighting
> That one hit like lightning
> All I can do now is die
> ---------------------------------------------------
> I hope you guys enjoyed this
> In Service,
> Lord Duncan MacNamara
> 6th Champion of the Black Company
> Captain of the Iron Lotus

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