[Bards] RE: [Pbardic] Pennsic

Tim Jennings tim at roseneath.ca
Fri Apr 15 06:43:37 PDT 2005

Heya Folks!

Sorry if you receive this more than once.

There is some chance that Master Sion, the A&S coordinator for Pennsic,
might give us our own tent for bardic classes. That is, put all of the
classes on vocal music performance, poetry and storytelling, as well as
things like the bardic arts forum, under one roof (Not a performing
space, per se, but for the actual academic classes)

But he needs people to show him that there are enough classes/teachers
to make this a reasonable thing.

Therefore, I am writing to ask you a favour. If you plan on teaching
something related to bardic arts (even things like 'bards in historical
context')this year at Pennsic, could you please send in your class
description asap (that is, by the end of the weekend).

The teacher registration page is at:

If you have never taught before, think about doing so. You just need to
have the outline of what you would teach right now, so don't worry if
the whole course isn't completely ready yet. You can work on it between
now and then.

The registration deadline is May 1 in any case, so try and get your info
in as soon as possible!

Many Thanks

Tim Jennings, Managing Director
Roseneath Theatre
+1 519 787 2399

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