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My Friends,

I'm sure you have all heard the sad news. Our former Kingdom Bard, Dona Antonio, lost her husband and soulmate, Don Benedict in the early morning hours of April 16 after a long battle with colon cancer. 

As someone who considers herself a friend to Antonio, I am saddened by the pain she must be feeling. 

As a historian, I am moved by the necessity to add another Fallen Star to my never ending list of those who have played our Dream and gone on to other Dreams in other planes of existance. 

As a bard, I feel the need to express some of what the man was and meant to us in words. What follows is my attempt to satisfy all 3 urges at the same time. 

Alden, you told me that you are turning your hand to putting together a second volume of "Voices of the Star". I would be honored if you might include this effort of mine to honor this man who meant so much to so many.


A Lay for a Don
By H.L. Annes Clotilde von Bamburg

On a field of Black and Gold
This tale will be told
Of a Don, both Great and Bold
Who the heart of His Lady did Hold

He was big of Body, Soul and Mind
He was Gentle--Loving--Kind
To His Lady, Love's own Find,
Now Gone before his Time

We remember his grace upon the Field,
We remember the blades that he did wield
We remember The Queens his arms did shield
We remember the service he did yield

We honor his name with a place in our heart
We honor the Man now drawn apart
Others must finish things he did start
Don Benedict Ashton
Fallen Star and White Scarf


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