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Kevin Valliquette grimolfr at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 18:52:36 PDT 2005

As Namron's outgoing bard, I wish to second all that His Excellency
has said here. Especially the part about the brewers... er, I mean,
um... no, no, that is exactly what I mean. *snicker*

At any rate, it has truly been an honor to represent the fine Barony
of Namron as Bard for the past year, and I encourage all who are able
to come!

Lord Grímólfr Einarsson
...SO looking forward to it! :D

On 4/26/05, Ulf Gunnarsson <ulfie at cox.net> wrote:
> Be the Bard of Namron, a pocket full of prose,
> four and twenty bad bards, holding on their nose...
> Okay, seriously... In simple terms it is this: I am holding auditions
> for the position of Bard of Namron.  It will be at our Beltane Games,
> May 6th thru 8th.  The site is about twenty minutes north of the Texas /
> Oklahoma border.
> The auditions will be after dark and around a campfire, weather
> permitting.  The position carries the same honors and similar
> expectations as our marshal champions.  In other words, you may have to
> use your talents to defend the Barony's honor later in the year.  You
> might also be loaned to the Crown when they visit.  There are other
> perquisites.  It is a position, not just a title.
> As an aside, there is also a brewing competition during the day.  We not
> only have the best bards but the best brewers as well.  If any of you
> are having trouble thinking of something to write about, write a piece
> in praise of brewers.  It will not gain you any extra credit in the
> auditions, but the brewers might favor you for it! (And there are many
> period examples...)
> Oh, and there is a voice heraldry competition during the day with a
> prize of several yards of green silk.
> Master Ulf Gunnarsson
> Baron of Namron
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