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Woohoo! Congratulations, Kat! I wish I'd been there in person to watch, my
sister, but know I was there in spirit.

As far as your queries go, I know nothing of the Bard's cloak. Of largess,
my favorite to receive is the spontaneous: a ring pulled from a finger and
given; a favor pulled from a belt and granted; a hug and words of thanks. My
favorite to give is the praise and words of encouragement that most sum up
what I felt and thought of the performance. I've not ever given material
gifts, but those could be nice to give as well. 



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		I would like to express my thanks to Dona Antonia for
leaving me with such wonderful shoes to fill.  She has been a tremendous
inspiration to the Bardic Community, and I am honored to have the
opportunity to follow in her footsteps.

		This year's Kingdom Eisteddfod was one of the finest
displays of bard craft I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  I was nearly
moved to tears by Duchess Willow's story about the horse, and was rolling
with laughter during the bridesmaid song!  (As were we all!)  Every
performance I heard was worthy of being performed by a Kingdom Bard of

		I was also very impressed with the number, and quality, of
original compositions, and I encourage each of you to send your work to
Voices of the Star II, once Alden is ready for submissions.

		In addition to having the privilege of hearing so many
wonderful performances, I also had the honor of meeting many new friends.  I
look forward to seeing you all at many events in the future!  I have had
several requests for my contact information, so I am posting it below - just
don't sign me up for any strange e-mail lists, and don't call at 3:00 am!

		Lastly, I would like to ask two questions of the Bardic

1.)	Does anyone know the history of the Kingdom Bard's cloak?

2.)	What type of largess is your favorite to give?  To receive?

		In Service,
		(who is still pinching herself to see if it's real!)

		Katrina of Coventry
		mka Kathy Elliott
		10211 Sagegate Dr.
		Houston, TX  77089
		(Barony of Loch Soilleir)
		281-922-0765 (home - no calls after 9:00 pm, please - we
have 3 small children.)
		bardkat at sbcglobal.net
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