[Bards] Namron's Titled Bard at Beltane

Kevin Valliquette grimolfr at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 02:08:41 PST 2005

Yup. What His Excellency said.

Lord Grímólfr "eloquence in brevity" Einarsson ;)
Bard of Namron
...for a few more weeks. It really is an honor and a privelege!

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 01:29:25 -0600, Ulf Gunnarsson <ulfie at cox.net> wrote:
> I really am still on this list, though it doesn't seem like it...
> Greetings, oh lovers of a good evening of bardic camaraderie.  On May
> 6-8th the Barony of Namron is having an event.  You should be there.  A
> few hundred other people will.
> Beltane is our spring event.  We choose our champions of archery, arts
> and sciences, thrown weapons, brewing, and... ah... bardic.  No
> fighting, just a day filled with wet frogs, games, and a maypole.  The
> brewers bring out their best, and they usually have a little left over.
> The evening is for the bardic.  Weather permitting, we'll set up outside
> at a fire.  For the past several years, there is usually twenty five or
> thirty competitors and about twice that in audience.  Sound good?
> It's not really a competition; it's an audition.  Come with a good
> piece, but have a second one (just in case).  Her Excellency and I are
> the main judges, though we ask any of the previous Bards of Namron to
> advise us if they are not competing.
> There is no set format.  Show your ability as a bard by picking the
> right pieces to perform.  You are auditioning for Bard of Namron, a
> title that carries both history and privileges, as well as a standing in
> our court.
> You don't have to be a previous Kingdom Bard to enter. If you win,
> though, you will have to sit at table with one or two during the year.
> Look at it as an excuse to make new clothes...
> Oh, and the event is at Lake Murray, just off I-35 about 80 miles south
> of Namron and 25 miles north of the Texas border.  Even if you are not
> interested in competing, we hope you come.  The event is always fun.
> Ulf Gunnarsson
> Baron of Namron

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