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Mon May 2 07:40:45 PDT 2005

Do you have what it takes? To be the next Steppes Bard, that is! If you think you do and you would like to compete for this most prestigious position, pray heed and read on!

The Steppes Bardic challenge will take place on Saturday afternoon under a pavillion at the list field beginning at Their Excellencies discretion. Target time for beginning the challenge is approximately 3 pm.

Sign up for the challenge will begin at 11 a.m. See HL Annes, the currant Steppes Bard, to state your intention to compete. You will find her at the list field awaiting your statement of intention and to record your name for the Bardic List. 

The Bardic challenge will consist of 2 pieces. The first may be your own or someone else's song, poem or story but will need to be documented at least verbally prior to performance as to its period nature, style, main theme (see below)  and author. Written documentation is not required but is encouraged. 

Furthermore, this first piece must address the main theme of this Steppes WarLord, which is Japan, Strength, Beauty and Honor. It may address all 4 parts of the theme or may concentrate on any one or combination of the 4. 

The second piece must also address all, one or some combination of the main theme of this Steppes Warlord. However, this piece, in honor of the main theme of Japan, is to be a Haiku composed by the competitor praising some act or emotion they have viewed at the event which epitomizes one (or more) of the themes. Information about Haiku will be available from HL Annes when you sign up to compete if Haiku is an unfamiliar form for you. 

Furthermore, Their Excellencies will expect their newest Bardic Champion to perform a short piece at court so that all the populace will be able to enjoy the skill of their newest Bard.

If you have any questions, please contact HL Annes, Steppes Bard, at hlannes at ev1.net 
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